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Student Activity Division

Student Activity Division

I. Introduction

Services/Contact Information

Services :

1. Work-study/Graduate Student Assistantships

2. Student Clubs and Organizations

3. Scholarships and Grants

4. Major Campus Events

Contact Information

Tel: 07-6011000 ext1211-1216

Fax: 07-6011382

II. Work-study Grants/Graduate Student Assistantships

A.   Q&A for On-Campus Work-Study Grants/Graduate Student Assistantships (work-study for research projects is not included)

Q1 : Who is eligible for application?

A1 :  Students who are currently enrolled in First Tech (not including students with a full-time job or enrolled in Industry Research Master Degree Programs) and volunteer to work for campus organizational units after class with a positive work attitude are able to apply for general work-study grants and graduate students assistantship. However, students should acquire related qualifications or certificates before applying (for detailed information, please refer to Q2).

Q2 : How to acquire the qualifications or certificates for application of work-study?

A2 :  Students have to acquire particular qualification or certifications first to apply for on-campus work-study. Work-study grants come from three different sources of funds, which require different qualifications for application

1. General Work-Study Grants :

Students should attend Work-Study Students Learning Workshop and pass the test in order to be eligible for applying work-study and receiving work-study grants. Online workshop website: First Tech Home Page/Student Portal/Work-Study and Student Grants Online Application System ( In addition, First Tech will hold irregularly the learning workshop “Good Business Manners and Work-Study Training.” Students who attend the whole session and pass the test can acquire work-study qualifications as well.

2. Graduate Student Assistantships :

Graduate students should attend the teaching assistant training lecture held by Office of Academic Affairs and acquire the lecture certificate. Implementation of TA affairs is based on Teaching Assistant Implementation Directions directed by Office of Academic Affairs.

3. Maintenance Grants :

Only students who are subsidized by the Assistance Scheme for Disadvantaged College Students of the Ministry of Education are qualified for Maintenance Grants. Detailed information will be announced in due time.

Q3 : Where can I get the information concerning work-study jobs provided in the campus?

A3 : Students can log in the online Work-Study Jobs Announcement System to get hiring information announced by on-campus organizational units (Website: First Tech Home Page/Student Portal/Work-Study Jobs Announcement System).

Q4 : For on-campus work-study students, how do they apply for work-study grants?

A4 :  According to the source of funds, applicants should fill in respectively Students Work-Study Record, Graduate Students Assistantships Work Record, or Maintenance Grants Work Record. Applicants should fill in the job contents properly and submit the work record to the person in charge in their work-study departments. The person in charge should compile a detailed list of work-study record according to students’ actual job contents and submit it, along with students’ work records, to the Extracurricular Activities Section of the Office of Students Affairs before the end of the third working day each month (Work records should be filled in completely. Any correction should be verified by the applicant’s signature).

Q5 : When can I receive the work-study grants?

A5 :  Students’ current month payment will be deposited in their bank accounts around the 17th day of the next month.It will be postponed to next working day if it is a public holiday.

The procedure of work-study grants application (taking July 2012 for example) :

After filling in the work-study record completely, students submit it to the person in charge in their work-study departments

->  The person in charge compiles the detailed list of work-study records and submit it to the Extracurricular Activities Section of the Office of Students Affairs

->  the Extracurricular Activities Section examines the records on job contents and work hours, and compile the overall work-study grants application documents of the campus before sending them to Accounting Office and the Cashier Section

->  Accounting Office examines the amount of money

->  Secretariat Office verifies the payment

->  Accounting Office makes the voucher

->  The Cashier Section sends the remittances and inform students (around August 17).

Q6 : About the work-study payment transfer bank?

A6 : The Bank of Taiwan is our primary bank for payment transfer. If work-study students provide accounts of other banks or postal accounts for remittance, they should pay the handling fee NTD 30 by themselves. Students are not allowed to use other’s accounts to receive work-study grants

Q7 : Is there limit to monthly work-study hours?

A7 :  In order to avoid distraction from studies, and to protect students’ mental and physical development, students who receive wages from the fund source of Public Expense and Grants for Students shouldn’t work over 40 hours per month. Work-study in summer and winter vacations isn’t subject to this restriction.

Q8 : Where can I find related application forms and regulations?

A8 : Please fill the corresponding work-study record properly according to the sources of funds. Work-study record download website: First Tech home page/Administration/Office of Students Affairs/Application Forms Download/ Application Forms of Extracurricular Activities Section (

Concerning work-study related regulations, please refer to Students On-campus Work-Study Grants Operational Guidelines【連結損壞】

B.   Contact Information

Ms. Shu-fen Lin


Phone extension:1212

III. Introduction to Student Clubs and Organizations

A. Student Clubs and Organizations

students organizations in First Tech can be divided into seven categories.

1. Academics, Arts, and Literature :

focusing on learning arts skills.

2. Music and Drama :

focusing on learning music and drama performances.

3. Social Services :

focusing on encouraging on and off campus social services.

4. Spirituality :

focusing on spiritual growth and mental stability.

5. Student Government and Fellowship :

focusing on developing students’ self-governance and companionship.

6. Recreation and Sports :

providing recreational activities for students and focusing on exercising for body fitness.

7. Departments Club :

focusing on developing students’ self-governance in departments.

We welcome you to join us !


B. Contact Information :

Mr. Bo-zhi Lin


Phone extension: 1213

IV. International Student Scholarships and Grants

1. Scholarships and Grants Information :

2. Application Form :

V.  Major Campus Events

The university anniversary celebration tradition —

students from different departments march in creative styles.

The climax of university anniversary celebration —

the cheerleading and dance competition.

The top honor for competitions in university anniversary celebration —

winning the overall championship.

Volunteers are recruited for holding the annual university anniversary celebration.