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Health Service Division

Health Service Division

1. Introduction

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(1) New Student Health Check-up

To gain an understanding of your health condition, discover diseases and provide further correction and follow-up, a physical exam is required for all new entrants.

(2) Student Group Insurance

Students who receive hospital treatment, outpatient or emergency care due to diseases or accidents can make a claim for student group insurance after treatment.

(3) Health Services

To help all students and faculty understand health status and promote health for all, the Health Center provides the following health care and facilities: health consultation services; the treatment of injuries; an automatic digital blood pressure monitor; a height & weight scale; a body fat analyzer and an automatic vision inspector.

(4) Food Sanitation Management

Every week go to cafeterias in campus for sanitation inspection in order to ensure the safety and cleanliness of food.

(5) Health Promotion Activities

Every semester hold the health promotion activities and first aid training to promote health for all students and faculty.

(6) Contagious Disease Prevention

Provide the latest information about epidemic situation of dengue fever, tuberculosis and swine flu and take precaution against infectious disease to prevent incidents of group infections.

Contact Us

Phone : 07-07-6011000 ext. 1250-1252

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Fax number : 07-6011015

2. New Student Health Check-up

1. Notes for Physical Examination

(1)    In accordance with The School Health Law and Students' Health Screening Regulations promulgated by Ministry of Education, the health management is established to understand your health condition.

(2)    New students can have a physical check-up at school or out of school.

(3)    International students or overseas Chinese students who have an Alien Resident Certificate can hand in physical report (within three months) or have a physical check-up at school if the report is over three months. Those who do not have an Alien Resident Certificate should have an examination out of school and hand in the report to school office.

(4)    Every department is arranged to have check-up on schedule. Please come on an empty stomach for 6-8 hours.

(5)    For those who have a physical check-up out of school, please download the physical examination form on the Office of Student Affairs Website.

(6)    As prescribed by The School Health Law and Communicable Disease Control Act, please hand in physical report within one month in the first semester for the sake of contagious disease prevention and the health of all in the campus.

2. Physical Examination Form for New Students

Please download the form on the Office of Student Affairs Website

3. Student Group Insurance

1. Introduction

(1) The meaning of insurance

Health insurance for students is usually a kind of group insurance to seek compensation for students encountering illness or accidents. Registered Students who participate in student group insurance are entitled to receive payment because of hospitalization, physical disability as a result of a disease or accident. The payment is based on the insurance policy contract provided by the insurance company.

(2) Coverage

Under the insurance policy contract, an insured student is entitled to insurance coverage with regard to death, physical disability, hospitalization and outpatient treatment (clinical visit is excluded from illness treatment) as a result of a disease or accident (include missing) during the insurance term.

(3) Insured Party

Any student who registers in NKFUST and participates in student group insurance becomes an insured party.

(4) Beneficiary

When an insurance incident occurs, the beneficiary of medical insurance is the insured party. If the insured party is deceased, the legal successor thereto shall be the beneficiary.

2. Student Group Insurance Make a claim

(1) Coverage

Any insured party receives treatment in contracted medical care institutions due to illness, hospitalization and accident

(2) How to Apply

Please submit your student ID card, a certificate of diagnosis, an original or copy of hospital official receipt and a copy of the deposit book to the Health Center and fill out a student insurance application form.

(3) How to Get an Insurance Application Form

A. Please go to Offices of Student Affairs Website and download the form in Application Form Section.

B. Please go to the Health Center on the 1st floor of Administration Building.